Highly Bio-degradable Water-based Detergent

FYREWASH® F4 was developed to give the maximum possible cleaning efficiency and effectiveness from a non-solvent chemical. Rochems R&D department have developed this product using state of the art technology, resulting in a non-hazardous, user-friendly and biodegradable water-based cleaner.

FYREWASH® F4 sets the standard against which the performance and cost-effectiveness of all other true non-solvent water based gas turbine cleaners can be judged.

FYREWASH® F4 is a highly biodegradable product, according to OECD 301-A test and has no cloud point for complete temperature stability throughout the compressor. The formula meets all major OEM’s specification requirements world-wide and have a high temperature stability.


  • Safely and effectively cleans compressors on-line when running at any speed and load
  • Extremely effective non-solvent cleaner
  • Meets the most stringent requirements of gas turbine manufacturers
  • No cloud point
  • Ideal for light and frequent on-line washing of any type of industrial, marine or aviation gas turbine to maintain in-service output and fuel efficiency
  • On-line cleaning reduces damaging shutdown/ start-up thermal cycles and starter wear and tear
  • Ideal for off-line cleaning due to high biodegradability
  • Non-flammable
  • Mixes readily with most antifreeze agents to allow low ambient temperature on-line/off-line cleaning
  • Supplied in concentrated form to reduce transport and handling costs and minimise storage requirements
  • Worldwide product support
  • Backed by Rochem’s unique high value product liability insurance

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