Bespoke Wash Skids

Rochem can design and build bespoke wash skids for customers who require something a bit more specific. Over the years we have designed and built many variations of our standard wash skids for our customers and it is this flexibility which sets us apart from the competition. The same rigorous testing is carried out before the unit is shipped and a full document pack is shipped with the system.

Some of our customers for these bespoke systems include Shell and Rolls Royce. In fact Rolls Royce chose Rochem to design, build and supply wash systems for the new British Royal Navy Warships, the Type 45 Destroyer. This unit underwent rigorous testing during the design and prototype phase which included EMC and vibration analysis. The unit had a specific allowable dimension to allow it’s fitment onto the ship where space is at a premium. This meant the piping and all components where in a small area but still had to be accessible and maintainable. This was achieved by using 3D modeling techniques. Rochem have supplied six of these systems to date and has a 100% Class Leading supplier score with Rolls Royce.

Rochem can also retrofit your current OEM supplied wash system

Many OEM wash systems use thousands of liters of water per wash which means costly removal of waste wash fluid and long wash times. Rochem addresses these problems by retrofitting the current OEM deluge wash system with an add on eductor wash system using as much of the OEM supplied system as possible, thus keeping the cost to a minimum.

Reasons to choose bespoke Rochem Fyrewash Systems:

  • Wash systems specifically tailored to your engine and site
  • Customer input to design process so you get exactly what you want!
  • Lower flow rates reduce volume of chemical used per wash and volume of effluent
  • Incredibly fast payback of outlay
  • Quick installation of equipment
  • Highly comprehensive wetting of compressor blades
  • Supplier of bespoke and retrofit wash skids to major turbine manufacturers
  • Unrivalled experience in gas turbine and process compressor cleaning
  • Can also supply nozzles for retrofitting

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