ROCHEM® Technical Services Italy

Rochem Technical Services Italy S.r.l. is a company of Rochem Group.

Rochem Technical Services Italy S.r.l., established in 2013, is the sole exclusive distributor in Italy for ROCHEM Group‘s Water Treatment Systems, Gas Turbine and Process Compressor Cleaning Systems, Chemicals and associated equipment manufactured by R.T.S. Rochem Technical Services GmbH in Germany, Rochem Technical Services Europe Ltd. in England and Romaco B.v. in Netherland.

Rochem Technical Services Italy’s skilled team is comprised of professionals with 30 years of experience in Marine and Oil & Gas Market for the supply of Reverse Osmosis Units, Sewage Treatment, TG Cleaning Systems and related spare parts and chemicals.

Our purpose is always to assure to our customers quality products, best service, technical support, and trying always to meet customer’s expectations.
Our specialized Technical Staff ensure Support and Service of Rochem Systems in Italy.

Rochem Italy is a qualified Supplier of GE NUOVO PIGNONE for System & Equipment as follows:

  • Injection Nozzle/Manifold systems for On-Line and Off-line compressor cleaning of new and existing gas turbine and process compressors
  • Manual and automated Pneumatic and Pump Wash Skids for gas turbine washing
  • Chemicals for Gas turbine cleaning produced and patented by Rochem

Rochem Group through its subsidiaries owns the copyright and patents to all such equipment and chemicals identified with the Trade Marks Rochem FYREWASH™ Systems and Chemicals and Rochem KRANKWASH™ Systems and Chemicals – specifically:

Associated Chemicals

Chemicals for Gas turbine and Process Compressor cleaning produced and patented by Rochem Manufacturing Company (Romaco BV) in Holland under the following Trade Names:

Our Mission

Our skilled team is comprised of professional figures with many years of experience in the Oil & Gas field.
Rochem Italy’s mission is to provide every Gas turbine operator with the best possible products and solutions to clean their turbine’s compressor and maintain high efficiency of their systems.
Our purpose is always to grant to our customers; quality product ,best service, technical support, meeting customer’s expectations.
Furthermore we are available to evaluate client requirements in order to find out customized solutions.

Rochem Technical Services Europe Ltd

Rochem Technical Services Europe Ltd began development of its Gas Turbine Compressor Cleaning System in London, England in 1978. In 1984 the FYREWASH® On-line Compressor Cleaning System was introduced to the American, European and Italian markets. Rochem is, in large part, responsible for the general acceptance of this cleaning concept and method by the gas turbine industry.

The Rochem FYREWASH® System currently holds two (2) U.S. Patents number 5,011,540 and 5,273,395 which covers the method and apparatus for cleaning a gas turbine compressor while the engine is operating at up to normal speed and full load.

The FYREWASH® System has been incorporated by leading gas turbine manufacturers and packagers, such as: STEWART & STEVENSON Gas Turbine Division (Houston, Texas) JOHN BROWN ENGINEERING (London, England), GENERAL ELECTRIC (Schenectady, New York), BHGE NUOVO PIGNONE and AVIO AERO (Italy), EUROPEAN GAS TURBINES (Lincoln, England) and other major OEM’s.