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RO plants are automatically flow/pressure regulated. This allows the plant always to provide the maximum capacity achievable with the given feed water temperature/salinity at any given time.
All units are equipped with a fail-safe system which protects them from potentially damaging external conditions and/or operator errors.
High pressure pumps start operation in optimum conditions because pressure builds up very progressively as the motorized pressure control valve closes slowly until it reaches its pre-determined stable position, corresponding to the set pressure in the modules.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are advanced water treatment technologies that employ a semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities and contaminants from water. They are widely used in various applications, ranging from residential and commercial to industrial and maritime sectors. The fundamental principle of reverse osmosis involves applying pressure to force water molecules through the membrane while leaving behind dissolved solids, pollutants, and other undesirable substances.

ROCHEM's advanced RO plants excel in the purification and desalination of seawater, transforming it into premium-quality potable water. These shipboard systems have become highly preferred choices for maritime applications. With over 2000 installations completed by Rochem Group companies, ranging in capacities from small vessels to the largest ones, including NATO Navies, these systems are utilized worldwide on a daily basis. Thanks to their modular construction, they offer exceptional flexibility in system design and installation, making them suitable for any type of vessel. Moreover, these systems hold certifications from well-established Classification Societies, ensuring their reliability and compliance. They operate fully automatically and require minimal maintenance, contributing to their user-friendly nature.

Trustworthy Drinking Water at Sea

ROCHEM supplies high-quality and custom-designed DTRO systems for all types of difficult-to-treat water. This allows us to recover fresh water from seawater with an SDI up to 15. We have a world-wide reputation for thorough engineering, high responsiveness and German quality. As a result, many of the World’s navies entrust Rochem to filter the drinking water for their servicemen from seawater.

Sewage Treatment

Sewage treatment on vessels, such as ships and boats, is a critical aspect of maritime operations to prevent pollution and comply with international regulations. Due to the confined nature of vessels and their potential impact on marine ecosystems, proper sewage treatment systems are essential to minimize the release of harmful pollutants into the water.

Proper sewage treatment on vessels not only ensures compliance with regulations but also helps safeguard marine environments and preserve water quality. It is a crucial responsibility for ship operators and crew members to operate and maintain sewage treatment systems effectively, reducing the impact of human activities on our oceans and waterways.


The efficiency of the ROCHEM MBR (Membrane Biological Reactor) allows for the purification of black water on ships to achive a quality superior to the international limit values for contaminants imposed by MARPOL/IMO. Therefore the environmentally sound purified waste water can be discharged overboard in any harbor or coastal area. NO chemicals needed for operation !

We use our BIOFILT systems to treat their grey and black water before discharge into the sea or for reuse in on-board systems.


ROCHEM BIOFILT is designed to make grey and black water suitable for reuse according to marine regulations or for discharge into nature. Our effluent is so clean that it is compliant with the MEPC227 (64) standard for special areas. Our units are self-contained and are designed to operate and self-clean automatically unlike other systems. This reduces personnel involvement and foul smells to a minimum.


Rochem reverse osmosis plants for the treatment of landfill leachate are designed in standardized systems. The plant concepts are based on many years of broad experience in the treatment of leachate. Various plant concepts can be supplied as the basic units for the treatment of leachate – with completely automated plant control, measuring equipment, pre-filtration, cleaning system and high pressure equipment with all the pipe work, fittings and valves ready for operation. The basic sections are designed as the first stage for the treatment of leachate.

Landfill Leachate

In 1989, ROCHEM entered the industrial leachate (liquid toxic waste) treatment market for landfill locations, one of which was Shoemberg, the largest waste disposal site in Europe. The treatment of landfill leachate with membrane technology helps to avoid further contamination of resources such as groundwater and surface water. Beside the ecological aspect of minimalizing the burden on the environment, the economical feasibility also has to be taken into consideration. In this regard membrane filtration has proven to be a justifiable and economic solution in most cases. This is even true when the overall costs for the treatment are compared with alternative approaches for the treatment of landfill leachate.

When designing the plant for landfills with large leachate yields, it is necessary to investigate whether it would be advantageous to use a design with two or three reverse osmosis plant sections connected in parallel. This allows part­-load operation and the highest possible level of reliable plant availability. If the quality of the treated water from single stage operation does not meet the requirements, a second RO stage can be fitted downstream without the need for technical alterations. The technical designs in a second RO stage correspond to the existing Rochem Reverse osmosis standard plant range.


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We specialize in providing top-of-the-line water treatment systems for naval vessels. With our state-of-the-art installations, we ensure that water on board remains clean, safe, and ready for use. Our expertise in marine water treatment allows us to deliver efficient and reliable solutions tailored to the unique requirements of each vessel. From desalination systems to filtration, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet all your water treatment needs at sea.
Trust our experience and commitment to deliver the highest quality systems for your naval operations.
Explore our range of products and services to discover how we can enhance the water treatment capabilities of your fleet.


Membrane Cleaners

Our full range of original chemical formulations offers unparalleled performance in water treatment systems, outperforming any competition in the industry.
We take pride in manufacturing and offering high-quality chemical products for water treatment systems.
What sets us apart is our commitment to maintaining a well-stocked inventory, enabling us to fulfill orders promptly and efficiently.
When you choose our chemical solutions, you gain more than just a product – you gain a trusted partner. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you, offering personalized advice and technical support to address any concerns or challenges you may encounter along the way.


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